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Dear AASPA Members,

TeacherMatch is committed to helping you hire and retain the most qualified teachers.

We are a company created for educators, by educators.

We have engaged in one of the largest, most robust teacher effectiveness research studies to date.  The results of this study have informed a ground-breaking tool to compliment your current hiring process: TeacherMatch Educator’s Professional Inventory (EPI).

The TeacherMatch EPI adds significant value far beyond any tool currently available to hiring professionals. The EPI is a pre-hiring inventory powered by predictive analytics and delivered to job applicants on our web-based platform. The EPI identifies which teacher candidates are predicted to deliver the highest gains in student achievement. Using the EPI as part of the application process allows you to save time and focus on the most successful candidates from the start.


Many districts have established Human Resources (HR) procedures and/or technology systems. However, many of these systems lack two important missing links that HR professionals and principals need to make the most informed decisions on teacher hiring and professional development.

Let us show you how TeacherMatch can impact student achievement in your district!

Contact us within the next 30 days for a demonstration and we will offer you a one-time discount on your first contract with TeacherMatch. Mention this code: TMAASPA