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TeacherMatch was founded by a group of dedicated, passionate educators with a wealth of experience who understand that teachers are the most critical factor in:

  • Fostering whole student development
  • Increasing measurable student academic growth and achievement
  • Advancing district/school performance and reputation

Our four co-founders worked together in the K-12 public education system — where they spearheaded the design and implementation of a comprehensive hiring and professional development plan involving thousands of teachers. The model was such a success that the U.S. Department of Education used it to shape their multi-billion-dollar school improvement program.

In collaboration with our skilled technology group and renowned research partners, TeacherMatch offers a data-driven, people-powered formula for success for K-12 education talent management.

The Science + Art of Hiring = A Powerful Partnership

At TeacherMatch, we’ve taken a groundbreaking step forward in advancing the analytical or scientific aspects of assessing teaching candidates. But we know that every school has established criteria and standards that address the art of hiring — fine-tuned and developed over years of experience and practice.

TeacherMatch fosters a collaborative partnership that integrates our predictive analytics and technological innovations with your hands-on professional judgment and HR software. We work together to develop a custom-designed system that supports all aspects of your hiring and onboarding process. Our goal is to enhance what you do best with what we do best.

Our Mission

To measurably increase student achievement and elevate the teaching profession by placing more effective, high-quality teachers in all classrooms through the use of predictive analytics.

Our Vision

A nation where every school employs an efficient, equitable, and effective hiring process dedicated to giving students the best chance to succeed in the classroom today — and the workplace tomorrow.