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TeacherMatch™ brings together the best and the brightest to help you do the same.

TeacherMatch was created for educators by educators. We forged both a corporate team and collaborative partnerships that represent some of the highest caliber talent and thinking in the field of K-12 education. In doing so, TeacherMatch offers you the benefits of cutting-edge research and a breakthrough process that will make it easier to hire and develop the best teachers for your schools and districts.

The founding team’s passion for improved education comes from working in the trenches as teachers and administrators in one of the nation’s toughest school districts. They recognized first-hand the importance of the teacher in the education of each and every student and the overall morale of the school.

As a result of their experience, the founders set out to develop a well-researched and tested model to streamline the hiring process of teachers. The goal of this refined model is to provide school districts with a method of predicting the teaching capability of new teacher candidates and providing professional development guidelines based on these predictive elements.

We invite you to get to know the names and faces that will help you build on the culture of excellence your school prides itself on.