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The Ins and Outs of Implementing an Applicant Tracking System for School Districts

By: Amy Vracar, Partnerships Manager

Being able to quickly manage all applicant and recruiting data from one platform enhances the candidate and staff experience by eliminating human resources (HR) bottlenecks, such as paper applications, emailing resumes, and calling HR managers on the status of hiring efforts.applicant tracking software, cloud based solution Many of today’s high-performing school districts implement an applicant tracking system to electronically handle and organize job candidate information during the hiring process. How do they do it in an effective and efficient manner? It starts with an ATS that’s customizable to their needs.

At TeacherMatch, our goal is to enhance what you do best with what we do best. We know every district is unique, and we’ve addressed that with an applicant tracking tool that is customizable and can be fine-tuned and streamlined to your parameters. Here are some insights from our Training and Implementation teams to consider when transitioning to a new ATS. 

Process mapping.applicant tracking software, cloud based solution
When implementing an applicant tracking system, it is critical to review current application processes. This includes understanding the processes your district would like to keep, discovering what processes have evolved as work-arounds, and identifying the processes that need to meet state policies or contracts. Lastly, it is important to include what you want your applicant tracking system to do in the future, such as automating email notifications to job candidates or updating a job when a position is filled.

According to the Society for Human Resource Management, in addition to process mapping, inviting personnel to be early testers of the system is essential. Utilizing testers feedback, district HR departments can remove or add necessary candidate or administrative functionality. For example, applicant-tracking tools are not one-sided, so it is important to consider the candidate experience as well. Have users review your district’s career page, as well as test for mobile responsiveness with the ATS. Today’s job candidates apply via mobile devices and it’s critical to make the application process as user-friendly as possible.Applicant tracking software, cloud based solution

For example, the TeacherMatch IntelliGlance/Quest interface provides an easy-to-use experience for job candidates. Candidates are provided with a Personal Planning Folder that allows them to create a Job Search Screen and search for positions in certain categories or districts, as well as prepare Power Profiles and upload their resume and cover letter. Districts are then able to view the candidate profiles, personal data, resume, transcripts and contact details so they can identify the right candidates for a position, and then save, share and tag candidates into custom applicant folders.

Road to go-live.
To avoid an influx of questions days before your go-live date, it is critical to provide training to personnel that will be actively using the applicant tracking system. Make sure system users know how to easily locate resumes, application information, notes, and candidate status before the go-live date.

Post implementation and support.applicant tracking software, ATS
Planning beyond the go-live is as important as the implementation itself. After new processes have been launched, and the system is turned on, monitor the district-user experience. This includes monitoring if all districts users are adequately prepared for the new or changed processes, and then provide training or support resources if needed. Be sure to choose an ATS vendor that provides ongoing in-person training, webinars, and user demos for your district.

Overall, school districts implementing applicant-tracking software have experienced a vast number of benefits in their HR recruitment processes. TeacherMatch IntelliGlance provides a seamless, end-to-end solution to streamline and facilitate hiring and onboarding, and that begins with customizing the solution to work with your district’s unique hiring needs.

So, discover what it is like to partner with TeacherMatch! In our video, Don Fraynd, TeacherMatch Co-Founder and CEO, shares how the TeacherMatch team engages with partner districts to create a successful approach to K-12 hiring.

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Amy Vracar
With a B.A. from Northeastern Illinois University in Media Communications and English, Amy Vracar began her career in Illinois public libraries and colleges and held positions as a Marketing Assistant at Harper College and Marketing and Public Relations Associate at the Algonquin Area Public Library (APPL). At APPL, Amy successfully developed a three-year marketing plan based on board initiatives and constructed the library’s first style and branding guide. After almost ten years in public libraries, Amy joined Sikich, LLP as a Vertical Marketing Specialist. Amy drove the creation, execution and delivery of integrated marketing campaigns for the firm’s Enterprise Resource Planning Technology Services Division. She oversaw content development for the firm’s key technology markets and collaborated with partners and C-level executives. One of her content pieces was featured nation-wide and received approximately 120 million unique views per month.   Amy joined TeacherMatch in July 2014 to merge her love for education and technology environments, and brings her skills in marketing strategy, as well as developing first class relationships, to the TeacherMatch team.
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