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Crunching the Numbers: Should Your School District HR Department Use an On-Premise or Cloud Solution?

By: Amy Vracar, Partnerships Manager

If you are considering an HR talent management solution for your school district, it is important to consider your software options. In fact, one of your most important considerations will be deciding between a cloud-based solution or one that is locally installed. Which option is best for you functionally, as well as from a cost perspective?

We took the first step in helping you decide and spoke with our IT experts to crunch the numbers: What cost considerations should your district think about when choosing an on-premise vs. cloud solution?

The Cloud vs. On-PremiseCloud solutions for K-12 school districts
Cloud solutions’ data and applications are all managed at an off-site data center that provides end-to-end technology backing with enterprise level security, 24/7 support, and numerous team members on-call to protect your data and school district applications.

On-premise solutions often times provide the illusion of control and security since IT staff members can physically see where district data is being stored. School districts need to think of every security defense possible with an on-site solution; for example, anti-virus protection, additional data storage, and the risk of possible theft, fire, or power-outages. Cloud Solutions for school districts Other ongoing IT costs for on-premise solutions include:

  • Applying fixes, patches and upgrades
  • Performance tuning
  • Rewriting customizations and integrations
  • Maintaining and upgrading the database
  • Upgrading dependent applications
  • Maintaining and upgrading security
  • Maintaining and upgrading network

Cloud-based solutions shift the cost of IT responsibilities, as well as additional risks, onto the cloud provider. As a result, there are significant savings and your school district can examine and reinvest dollars in additional solutions that will streamline other HR processes.

The Hidden Costs
When calculating the cost of security, IT, as well as other costs, of an on-premise vs. cloud solution, it is also essential to calculate the hidden costs, which include:

  • On-premise power consumption
  • On-premise cooling costs
  • Overtime payments when personnel need to come in for emergency, evening, or weekend workCloud Solutions for school districts

Hidden costs are included with cloud-based providers, and are typically seen in their maintenance contracts. Also, your cloud-based third party is doing all the work, so it removes the hassle of budgeting in overtime payments, vacation and sick days of school district personnel.


What Are Some K-12 School District HR Cloud Solutions?

TeacherMatch 360 is a revolutionary, fully automated portfolio of Advanced Talent Management tools – ready to power-up your HR game. Our solutions include, TeacherMatch Educators Professional Inventory (EPI®), TeacherMatch® Thrive, and SmartFind®.

At TeacherMatch®, we offer a one-of-a-kind screening and hiring tool – the Educators Professional Inventory – that’s built on evidence-based research to predict the impact a teacher will have on student growth. But that’s only part of our value-add equation. In our short video, Don Fraynd PhD., CEO and Co-Founder at TeacherMatch, shares how 
we’re collaborating with school districts to implement tools that 
align with their district’s needs.

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TeacherMatch Thrive is a revolutionary K-12 Professional Growth Management System that provides a more strategic, analytical, and focused approach to professional learning – while integrating with your existing instructional framework, popular digital learning systems, and most online content providers. Read a recent article published in EdTech Digest and learn how Dorchester School District Two, in North Carolina, uses TeacherMatch Thrive, formerly ERO, to improve professional development.

Click here to download the EdTech Digest article. 

SmartFind’s “Best Match” technology automatically searches and contacts the most qualified substitute to fill a specific vacancy, based on your system-configured parameters, skill sets, and guidelines. Download SmartFind In-Action and discover how SmartFind is working smarter, faster and easier for San Bernardino City Unified School District in San Bernardino, California.

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Amy Vracar
With a B.A. from Northeastern Illinois University in Media Communications and English, Amy Vracar began her career in Illinois public libraries and colleges and held positions as a Marketing Assistant at Harper College and Marketing and Public Relations Associate at the Algonquin Area Public Library (APPL). At APPL, Amy successfully developed a three-year marketing plan based on board initiatives and constructed the library’s first style and branding guide. After almost ten years in public libraries, Amy joined Sikich, LLP as a Vertical Marketing Specialist. Amy drove the creation, execution and delivery of integrated marketing campaigns for the firm’s Enterprise Resource Planning Technology Services Division. She oversaw content development for the firm’s key technology markets and collaborated with partners and C-level executives. One of her content pieces was featured nation-wide and received approximately 120 million unique views per month.   Amy joined TeacherMatch in July 2014 to merge her love for education and technology environments, and brings her skills in marketing strategy, as well as developing first class relationships, to the TeacherMatch team.
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