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Coming Together to Revolutionize How Schools Identify, Hire and Develop Effective Teachers

By: Alyssa Mattero, Partnerships Manager

We are excited to announce that TeacherMatch has joined the PeopleAdmin family. As two leading innovators in education talent management, TeacherMatch and PeopleAdmin join forces to pave a path that will empower school districts to give every student and teacher a pathway to success.

TeacherMatch People AdminTeacherMatch brings the only data-driven, research-based hiring tool that’s designed to predict the impact an educator will have on student growth. Combined with PeopleAdmin’s advanced portfolio of talent management solutions, the new entity is revolutionizing the way schools hire, develop, grow and manage educators throughout their career.

By empowering schools and districts with innovative technology and predictive analytics, we help give students the best chance at success.

TeacherMatch is a strong and strategic complement to PeopleAdmin’s suite of solutions. With the strengths of TeacherMatch added to the already robust PeopleAdmin toolkit, we are now able to offer the only solution specifically designed to help school leaders focus on student achievement while improving operational efficiencies, minimizing risk, and organizing the entire talent management lifecycle.

PeopleAdmin TeacherMatchIn a time where school leaders are turning to data for more informed decision-making, our combined software and data intelligence is positioned to help school districts address and resolve a wide range of HR and talent management challenges – most importantly, hiring and developing the most effective teachers to positively impact student achievement.

In addition to our focus on innovative technology, PeopleAdmin and TeacherMatch share a commitment to people-powered solutions. We understand that human resources and talent management has always been and will always be about people. Today, more than ever, we are united to deliver revolutionary technology to help school districts recruit, develop and support the best teachers and principals for our schools across North America.

We are excited to join the PeopleAdmin family, and excited to share what the future holds with our joined leadership in education technology. Learn more about our exciting partnership here!


Alyssa Mattero
Alyssa Mattero joined TeacherMatch in July 2014. While studying Journalism and Mass Communication at the University of Iowa, Alyssa worked for the Big Ten Network where she wrote and produced promotional and documentary videos for university programs and other educational initiatives. In 2012, Alyssa began working at Perfect Search Media where she helped grow the small SEO company into a full-service online advertising agency. As a Senior Manager of Digital Marketing, Alyssa developed creative strategies for companies like Goodyear and Sandbox Industries. She also managed an educational blog where marketers and business owners could learn about best practices for online marketing. As a member of TeacherMatch, Alyssa is motivated to connect with teachers and districts in an effort to improve the current state of teacher hiring and student achievement in education.
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