Involve Students in Teacher Hiring
Teacher Hiring

5 Steps to Appropriately Involve Students in Teacher Hiring

By: Krystal Rogers, Senior Project & Research Manager

Every member of the district and school community benefits from involving students in decision-making whenever possible.   When students feel like they have a voice, it can help build a positive school culture and increase their ownership of learning.   But, when it comes to teacher hiring, many educational leaders struggle to figure out a way to involve students that is appropriate and meaningful.

When done right, the inclusion of students in the critically important process of selecting the best teachers possible can give students a sense of pride and add to the selection process in meaningful ways.

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How to Map Your Process to Improve Teacher Hiring Process

By: Donald Fraynd, Ph.D., CEO of TeacherMatch

Great teacher candidates don’t wait around long.  Research shows that “time to hire” is particularly important to the most effective teacher candidates (Langford, Loeb, & Wyckoff, 2002).  It is critical to ensure that your teacher hiring process for teachers new to your district is inspiring, authentic, and efficient.  Yet, so many of us employ hiring processes that are rife with bottlenecks, failed hand offs, and outdated steps that no longer make sense to anyone on the team.

Why Not Create a Visual Map of Your Process?

As educational leaders recognize the absolute importance of transitioning from traditional human resources operations to education talent management,Map Out Your Interviewing Process, TeacherMatch it becomes important to map out and completely understand your teacher hiring process so that improvements can be made and strengths can be amplified.  Process mapping techniques can be helpful in this endeavor.   But, we know that school districts and educational management organizations are complicated.

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