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Substitute Placement Software – The Difference Between Good and Great

By: Alyssa Mattero, Partnerships Manager

Every day, school districts face the challenge of ensuring there is a high-quality teacher in every classroom. From last-minute illnesses, to professional development and vacation time, substitute placement coordinators are constantly trying to fill vacancies across multiple schools and dozens of classrooms.

When time is of the essence, and quality matters, it’s extremely important that the processes in place are as efficient and as effective as possible. This is where substitute placement software enters the equation – and where the technology behind the software really makes a difference.

While there are a number of substitute placement software and services on the market, school districts need to focus on the technology that will have the greatest impact on placing high-quality substitutes in the classroom faster.

Here’s a breakdown of the difference between the good and the great when it comes to substitute placement software.


Identifying the Best Subs

Substitute Placement SoftwareSome substitute placement software contact subs for jobs based on their skills. This is a necessity – a substitute who has never taught math shouldn’t fill a vacancy for an Advanced Statistics class. More advanced substitute placement software use more than just skills to identify the best-match substitute for a job. These systems look at factors like geo-location and customized district parameters to further pinpoint the best sub for that job.

Furthermore, rather than a one-time call-out, the system automatically continues contacting best-match subs until the vacancy has been filled. This saves districts time and money by offering a more strategic and systematic approach to substitute outreach, and in turn, helps fill jobs faster.


Substitute Placement SoftwareTracking Jobs and Absences

It’s nice when substitute placement software give you a high-level view of all filled and unfilled jobs across in the district, but the best software go above and beyond to show real-time data on:

  • Which subs have and have not responded to job alerts
  • Which subs have accepted or denied jobs
  • What actions you can take to solve a time-sensitive crisis like sending text message alerts to the subs most likely to get to the classroom in time

The real-time data and easy-to-use interface of the best substitute placement technology allow schools to efficiency resolve workforce planning issues as they arise and plan for better absence management.


Data and Reporting

Substitute Placement SoftwareSeveral substitute placement software systems offer instant access to reporting data and the ability to create your own reports. The best substitute placement systems offer a robust library of custom reports templates and a custom design tool to drag and drop defined fields for reports.

Furthermore, advanced technology uses predictive analytics to offer workplace forecasting, including Simulation/Scenario Planning to project absence trends. Districts can even see up-to-the-minute fill rates and predicted fill-rates for future time periods.

What’s next for advanced substitute placement technology? The possibilities with geo-targeting, mobile apps, and predictive analytics are endless.


Learn about one of the best, most advanced substitute placement and workforce planning software systems on the market, SmartFind, by downloading this brochure.

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Alyssa Mattero
Alyssa Mattero joined TeacherMatch in July 2014. While studying Journalism and Mass Communication at the University of Iowa, Alyssa worked for the Big Ten Network where she wrote and produced promotional and documentary videos for university programs and other educational initiatives. In 2012, Alyssa began working at Perfect Search Media where she helped grow the small SEO company into a full-service online advertising agency. As a Senior Manager of Digital Marketing, Alyssa developed creative strategies for companies like Goodyear and Sandbox Industries. She also managed an educational blog where marketers and business owners could learn about best practices for online marketing. As a member of TeacherMatch, Alyssa is motivated to connect with teachers and districts in an effort to improve the current state of teacher hiring and student achievement in education.
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