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TeacherMatch and Intel: A Data-Driven Story

By: Alyssa Mattero, Partnerships Manager

Intel is well known for their processors, however the innovative technology company is constantly expanding smart technology to make exciting experiences possible for everyone. Their dedication to evolving technology, user experience, and education makes Intel a perfect partner for TeacherMatch.

Here’s a glimpse into the ongoing relationship between the two revolutionary tech organizations:

A Meeting of the Minds

In May 2015, Don Fraynd, TeacherMatch CEO and Co-Founder, was asked to participate in an Intel panel discussion focused on data analytics.

Intel’s Chief Data Scientist, Bob Rogers, hosted the panel called, “Translating Big Data into Human Insights,” which included other big data leaders including, Andreas Weigend, Director of the Social Data Lab, Professor at Stanford and UC Berkeley, and past Chief Scientist at Amazon, as well as David Edwards, VP and Engineering Fellow at Cerner, a healthcare IT and electronic medical records company.

Screen Shot 2015-05-19 at 1.37.08 PMThe dialogue focused on the idea that big data analytics must empower individuals to take action in real time. Deemed a “Meeting of the Minds”, the panel discussion focused on how asking questions about individuals rather than populations helps turn data into insights in industries such as education, retail, healthcare, and aviation. The group of leaders discussed the equations that lead to informed decision-making through questions like:

  • What’s the right thing to do with the data?
  • How do we cultivate the trust and transparency needed in order to collect data for the common good?

TeacherMatch’s Don Fraynd specifically addressed questions related to using data in the teacher hiring process. He explained how quantitative data can supplement qualitative criteria to identify the top applicants in the candidate pool. Furthermore, he discussed how the TeacherMatch system was strategically built to learn and provide iterative feedback over time to become more analytically accurate to conditions specific to a particular school district.


The Value of TeacherMatch Analytics in Recruitment

Intel and TeacherMatchIn January 2016, Intel and TeacherMatch teamed up again to create a “Intel Inside” video that highlights TeacherMatch’s practical approach to incorporating analytics in teacher recruitment.

The video explores how schools can use predictive analytics and data to make more informed decisions in the hiring process. It offers perspective from TeacherMatch’s Chief Research Officer, Nick Montgomery, as well as a school administrator and educator from schools that utilize the TeacherMatch Educator’s Professional Inventory (EPI®). The TeacherMatch EPI is a research-based hiring tool that uses data and predictive analytics to help schools identify, hire, and develop the most effective teachers. The EPI is central to the full TeacherMatch system, which allows schools to manage everything from recruitment and onboarding to professional development with a data-driven approach

In Bob Roger’s blog post about the video, he states, “Analytics-as-a-service will help drive a new era of advanced data analytics because it allows business users of analytics to leverage the output of a small number of data scientists who solve common problems across different organizations. In this regard, TeacherMatch represents the future of analytics.

TeacherMatch’s relationship with Intel continues to develop as Bob Rogers will be hosting another panel discussion at TeacherMatch’s upcoming Solutions Summit.


Learn more about TeacherMatch Solutions Summit here

Or watch a clip from the Intel Analytics Panel Discussion by clicking the button below


Watch Panel Video Clip


Alyssa Mattero
Alyssa Mattero joined TeacherMatch in July 2014. While studying Journalism and Mass Communication at the University of Iowa, Alyssa worked for the Big Ten Network where she wrote and produced promotional and documentary videos for university programs and other educational initiatives. In 2012, Alyssa began working at Perfect Search Media where she helped grow the small SEO company into a full-service online advertising agency. As a Senior Manager of Digital Marketing, Alyssa developed creative strategies for companies like Goodyear and Sandbox Industries. She also managed an educational blog where marketers and business owners could learn about best practices for online marketing. As a member of TeacherMatch, Alyssa is motivated to connect with teachers and districts in an effort to improve the current state of teacher hiring and student achievement in education.
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