TeacherMatch EPI
TeacherMatch EPI

3 Must-Know’s About the TeacherMatch EPI

By: Alyssa Mattero, Partnerships Manager

When a first-of-its-kind technology or tool becomes available, there’s a lot of excitement and eagerness to learn more. There are often many questions that naturally arise. For example, when people started using online search engines like Google, many wondered, “How does Google know what websites to list in the search results? How do I know if I can trust the results?” It’s important to people that new technology has a sense of transparency, credibility, and integrity.

The TeacherMatch Educator’s Professional Inventory (EPI®) is a revolutionary, data-driven hiring tool that helps school districts identify, hire, and develop the most effective educators. As with any cutting-edge technology, many people have questions about how the TeacherMatch EPI works and how it can benefit school districts.

Here are answers to common questions regarding the research, data, and technology behind the TeacherMatch EPI.

1. How should schools use the data and information from the TeacherMatch EPI?

TeacherMatch EPIAs former educators and school leaders, the TeacherMatch team understands the importance of balancing quantitative and qualitative criteria in the hiring process. Credentials, interviews, sample lessons, etc. all offer valuable insight into whether or not a candidate would be a strong hire. The TeacherMatch EPI offers more objective information and data points to complement these insights and inform hiring decisions. Principals and hiring teams are encouraged to use the EPI data in addition to their observations and instincts to hire the best teachers.


2. What research is behind the TeacherMatch EPI?

TeacherMatch formed a research consortium including a group of renowned universities and researchers to conduct studies of diverse school districts across the United States and develop what is now the most significant study associating actual student growth with specific teachers. The studies found that it is possible to identify teachers likely to deliver academic growth using four key success indicators, which include: teaching skills, attitudinal factors, cognitive ability, and qualifications.

TeacherMatch EPI

*The research behind the TeacherMatch EPI is extensive and complex. Learn more about TeacherMatch research by downloading the brochure at the end of this post!


3. How does the TeacherMatch EPI predict teacher impact on student academic growth?

Drawing from decades of educational research and TeacherMatch studies, the TeacherMatch EPI items were developed in collaboration with experts in psychometrics, predictive modeling, and educational assessments. Using the key success indicators, the EPI gathers information about a candidate’s strengths and areas for improvement to predict the likelihood that they will positively impact student academic growth. Additionally, the EPI items regularly go through rigorous validation processes to maintain optimal health and accuracy.

TeacherMatch is constantly evolving with a growing research consortium and advanced technology development. While new technology can sometimes be intimidating or confusing, it can also offer real-life benefits and important outcomes. TeacherMatch is dedicated to empowering school districts with research-backed, data-driven solutions that ultimately give students the best chance to succeed.


Learn more about the research behind TeacherMatch solutions by downloading our Research Brochure.

Download TeacherMatch Research Brochure

Alyssa Mattero
Alyssa Mattero joined TeacherMatch in July 2014. While studying Journalism and Mass Communication at the University of Iowa, Alyssa worked for the Big Ten Network where she wrote and produced promotional and documentary videos for university programs and other educational initiatives. In 2012, Alyssa began working at Perfect Search Media where she helped grow the small SEO company into a full-service online advertising agency. As a Senior Manager of Digital Marketing, Alyssa developed creative strategies for companies like Goodyear and Sandbox Industries. She also managed an educational blog where marketers and business owners could learn about best practices for online marketing. As a member of TeacherMatch, Alyssa is motivated to connect with teachers and districts in an effort to improve the current state of teacher hiring and student achievement in education.
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