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Are you a professional educator or educational scholar who has experience with item development? Do you believe that schools should be led by effective principals who can contribute to greater student learning? Would you like to contribute to research that is designed to learn more about what makes great principals great?

TeacherMatch is seeking to hire brilliant educators to craft test items that will enable schools to improve their hiring practices and enhance their professional development. While exceptional writing skills are highly desired, subject matter expertise is more important than previous experience with and/or proficiency in technical writing or psychometrics. Training in item construction will be provided.

TeacherMatch is a education technology organization that has partnered with a national network of prominent educational organizations in the hopes of designing a SaaS-based (software as a service) assessment that will revolutionize the way principals are hired. TeacherMatch envisions a nation in which every school district boasts a thoughtful, efficient, hiring process that effectively identifies the most talented principals and in which extremely satisfied principals work in schools that fit with their skills and abilities.


Item writers will join a team of educational leadership experts which:

  • Encompasses a broad range of educational experiences and expertise
  • Reflects a diversity of thought, skills, background, and experience
  • Values fun / humor / humility
  • Subscribes to bounded intellectualism
  • Believes in the power of people
  • Enjoys the prospect of being a disruptive force for good in education

Item writers will attend a 3-day focused training workshop in July in Chicago, and following the workshop may work whenever and wherever they wish so long as the agreed upon number of items are written and submitted in a timely fashion.



  • Construct test items that are grounded in principal effectiveness research and/or extensive range of professional experiences and which adhere to the established practices of test development
  • Review items created by colleagues so as to establish content validity and provide pointed feedback designed to improve team’s collective ability to construct exemplary test items
  • Stay abreast of validation data and be willing to contribute to collaborative strategic planning required to produce an iterative bank of top-notch items that validly and reliably predict principal effectiveness
  • Maintain regular communication and meet mutually agreed upon deadlines



  • Extensive experience and expertise in an area related to principal effectiveness
  • Intimate awareness of current trends in education and practice/research related to school leadership quality in particular
  • Strong writing skills are highly desirable



  • $30 per accepted item



Please do NOT apply for this position unless you meet the required experience and expertise levels mentioned above. Apply by emailing a cover letter and resume to


Thank you for your interest!