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Nick Montgomery

Chief Research Officer

Nick Montgomery is an education data scientist and entrepreneur, with a background in computer science and education research. Nick directs the research agenda for TeacherMatch, along with the translation of best-in-class instruments to our revolutionary platform. Prior to joining TeacherMatch, he directed and scaled UChicago Impact — an organization providing nationwide school improvement data tools built from high-end research to over 4000 schools nationwide.

With a M.A. in education research at the University of Michigan, and B.A. in Computer Science from Brown University, Nick cultivated his research expertise at the University of Chicago Consortium on Chicago School Research. Having executed complex research designs and analyses, he led efforts to translate research for practitioners using their own data and diagnostic tools.

Nick’s past work also includes automating complex survey analytics, identifying actionable predictors of high school graduation, training administrators in school improvement concepts, and deciphering the most comprehensive longitudinal archive on urban public schools in the country. He has worked on ground systems for space probes, developing virtual reality visualizations, and transitioning state-level Medicare systems to a single national provider enrollment system.

Nick’s breadth of experience, paired with his superb analytical and translation skills, is driving TeacherMatch research in support of top-performing school districts across the country.