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Press Release: TeacherMatch Partners with Thought-Leading Researchers for Data-Driven Hiring


Education Week: Providing Equal Access to High-Quality Teachers by Miami-Dade County Public Schools




TeacherMatch Tech and Learning


Tech&Learning: The Data Driven District with San Bernardino



TeacherMatch Review

EdSurge: The Straight Path to Student Achievement by Donald J. Fraynd



EdTech Roundup:  Review of TeacherMatch EPI by Mike Karlin  TeacherMatch EPI Review



TeacherMatch in Politico Politico: Teacher Hopefuls Go Through Big Data Wringer


TeacherMatch in ScholasticScholastic: How to Identify, Hire and Develop More Effective Teachers, by Donald J. Fraynd 


TeacherMatch in Scholastic

Scholastic: How to Support and Develop Your Teaching Staff, by Donald J. Fraynd


TeacherMatch News

Smart Blog Education: How Quality Professional Development Can Boost Teacher Retention and Increase Student Growth, by Donald J. Fraynd

TeacherMatch Articles

EdTech Digest: More Than the Next Big Thing: Predictive Analytics in Teacher Hiring, by Donald J. Fraynd



Don Fraynd TeacherMatch CEO Interview

EdTech Times: Q&A With Donald J. Fraynd, CEO and Co-founder of TeacherMatch


Dave Shuler TeacherMatch

eSchool News: 5 Must-Have Tools to Hire and Develop Effective Teachers by David Schuler


TeacherMatch Tech and Learning

Feature in Tech Learning’s “What’s New in Tech” October issue



TeacherMatch Announcement

EdNET Insights: Announcement of Elizabeth Fadil featured in She Snoops for Scoops: The Personal Side of the EdNET Community


TeacherMatch ESchool News

Press Release: TeacherMatch Announces Elizabeth Fadil as New Executive Vice President of Sales and Marketing



TeacherMatch Review

EdNak: TeacherMatch Review



TeacherMatch Review

EdSurge: EPI Review



TeacherMatch ESchool News

Press Release: TeacherMatch Launches Professional Development Profile Reporting Feature



TeacherMatch Awards

EdTech Digest: Cool Tools Listing