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Identify, Hire, and Develop More Effective Teachers with the TeacherMatch EPI®

TeacherMatch EPI

TeacherMatch Educators Professional Inventory (EPI) is a research-based, data-driven platform that’s designed to predict the impact a teacher will have on student achievement. The EPI was developed in collaboration with a highly esteemed research consortium, including some of the most influential and respected names in education research and assessments. Districts across North America use the TeacherMatch EPI to helps identify, hire, and develop the most effective educators.

The TeacherMatch EPI uses key success indicators, founded in research, to scientifically predict an educator’s effectiveness in the classroom.
TeacherMatch EPI


Learn how the TeacherMatch EPI helps school districts:

  • Incorporate more objective, research-based criteria in the hiring process
  • Easily identify top teacher candidates for more streamlined recruitment
  • Make more informed hiring decisions to ensure that every classroom has an effective teacher


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