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Let TeacherMatch help you find your next great teaching opportunity. We have created a revolutionary, new tool that helps educators make the best hiring decisions for their schools:

Educational Professional Inventory

Success Indicators

TeacherMatch EPI puts teacher candidates all across America on a completely unbiased, equitable, and fair playing field by evaluating each candidate individually on four success indicators identified for highly effective teachers.

When you complete the EPI, you are awarded complimentary advanced membership to our Quest National Jobs Connection — allowing you access to job opportunities across the country, based upon your job search screen . . . as well as other career advancement tools, resources, and advice. What’s more, upon your approval, all TeacherMatch EPI school districts can view your inventory and make you aware of any positions they are seeking to fill that may be of interest to you!

And, for a nominal fee, you can download a customized Professional Development Profile (PDP) that highlights your personal strengths and opportunities for growth, offers practices you might want to reinforce or introduce to advance yourself, and provides a template with guidelines for preparing your own Professional Development Plan to become a more effective teacher.

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